C&I 5 in 1 Nail Drill Bit Super Long Slim Efile Professional Nail Bits Nail Tech Must Have for Extension Nails Acrylic Powder Hard Gel Nail Tip Cuticle Remover Nail Supplies

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Size: Double Fine -XXF
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Regular price $26.99 USD
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  • 5 in 1 Multi-function Nail Drill Bits: 3 sizes file-teeth in 1 drill bit, Rounded Cut, and 2 Way to file function. An upgrade version from the original 5 in 1 e file. Massive file-teeth sizes for choose. For acrylic gels, UV gels, fake acrylic nails, or other hard gels, recommend size 3XC, XXC, XC or C. For normal nail gels, size M or F could help you. For base gels, remain gels, use size XXF. And size XXF, also could be used as nail buffer for natural nails to do preparation or prep nails.
  • Special Design -Super Long and Slim File-head: 0.787 inch long, super long flute nail drill. 0.217 inch longer than original 5 in 1 e file. Super long 5 in 1 could be used for extension nails, nail tips, fake acrylic nails, or other gel nails. Slim body, 0.236 inch, easy for nail techs to operate. 
  • Special Function -3 Sizes in 1: Each 5 in 1 nail bits has 3 sizes file-teeth. From top to bottom of the file head, the sizes are become bigger and bigger. For example, nail drill bit 5 in 1 size XXF, from top to bottom, there are 3 sizes file-teeth, Ultra Fine-4XF, Triple Fine-3XF, and Double Fine-XXF.
  • Cuticle Remove -Rounded Cut: A cuticle bit, the top corner of the tapered flute is designed to rounded corner with file-teeth. And the file-teeth are extended to the top flat. This area could be used to make cuticle remove, or remove redundant gels.
  • 2 Way Rotate File: The drill bits’ file-teeth are crossed cut. The e-file 5 in 1 could rotate both 2 directions to make file. When nail techs operate the drill, could change the rotate direction. We recommend right hand nail techs better to use.
  • Tungsten Carbide Made. Titanium Nitride Coating, help to extend the life of nail file. Shank: 3/32” (2.35 mm), adapt most of e file machine. Professional nail supplies for nail techs.