C&I Efile Small Barrel Smooth Top Nail Drill Bit Safety Round Top Professional E-file for Manicure Drill Machine Remove Nail Gels Acrylics

$11.99 USD - $14.99 USD
Size: Double Fine – XXF
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Regular price $14.99 USD
Regular price $0.00 USD Sale price $14.99 USD



  • Nail Drill Bit: Small barrel and smooth top. Easy to operate, because its slim barrel. And it round top to be smooth, without teeth, so it’s safe to operate, especially for rookies to use E-file. 



  • Crossed Teeth Efile: Cross cut design, supply a safe and smooth remove of nail gels. And also, safe your time, double hand to use it.
  • E-file has multiple file-teeth sizes: From 4XC to 2XF, for choose. 4XC, 3XC, 2XC, XC, and C, are good for hard gels and acrylic gels; M and F, could be file soft gels; XF, and 2XF, suitable for base gels.



  • Material: Tungsten Carbide. This give the nail drill with high hardness, long cutting life, and smooth rotate.
  •  Shank: 3/32 inch / 2.35 mm