C & I Nail Drill Bit Set Small Sanding Bands 200pcs & Slim Mandrel 1pc Acrylic Gel Nail File Fake Nails Shaping Cuticle Care Nail Prep Efile Nail Supplies for Nail Techs

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Color: Pink
Size: 120 Coarse-C
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Regular price $28.99 USD
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Pack: 200pcs mini small sanding bands and 1pc mini mandrel. Sanding bands substitute for nail drill bits. Professional nail supplies for nail techs. Must have in nail salon, nail studio, or at home use. Slim body, 3.1 mm / 0.12 inch inside diameter, small sanding bands, easy to operate. It’s also could be used to make cuticle care. 5 colors sanding bands for choose. 5 sizes / grits of sanding bands for manicure. Multi-function to use.


Covered with high quality 5 different sizes alumina sands. Size/ Grit 80 Extra Coarse-XC: Nail buffer function - Preparation for nail gels or acrylics. Prep clean the nail bed and smooth ridges on the nails and toes. File the nature nail, reduce the nails’ smoothness, let the nail to be matte surface, increase adhesion with your nail art. Nail drill bit function - Acrylic nail gels remove. Size 120 Coarse-C: Nail buffer function. Acrylic nails and gel top coat remove. Fake nails shaping.


Size 150 Middle-M: Nail buffer function. Nail gels remove. False nails shaping. Size 180 Fine-F: Nail buffer function. Gel base coat remove function. Size 240 Extra Fine-XF: Nail buffer function. Size 400 Triple Fine-3XF: A very fine sanding bands. Use as nail buffer to file natural nails, do nail prep work. Make cuticle care.


Slim Mandrel: Each mandrel has 4 spring plate to tight sanding bands on the mandrel. The design let nail techs easy to load or unload the sanding bands. The spring plate could also fasten the sanding bands. Shank: 3/32inch ( 2.35mm) Suitable for most of the electric nail drill machines. Made of Tungsten Carbide. Working stable, low vibration, noiseless, and efficient. Professional e-file for nail techs using in nail salon, nail studio, or for nail art fans using at home.


Double Hand Use. 2 way function. The small sanding bands, even distribution of diamond sands, allow the sanding bands to work in clockwise or counter-clockwise rotate directions with electric nail drill machine. Same file ability. Easy nail techs to file, 2 way file directions to choose. And this function means both right-handed and left handed nail techs could use.