C&I Nail Drill 5 in 1 Special Mix Version Efile for Electric Nail Drill Machine Nail Tech's E-file Acrylic Gel's Quick Nail Remover

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Regular price $21.99 USD
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  • 4 special mix versions from 5 in 1 Nail Drills: 5 in 1 Pro, 5 in 1 Pro2, 5 in 1 XC mix XXF, and 5 in 1 M mix XXF.
  • 4 versions efile are all crossed file-teeth. The barrel's diameter are all 0.24 inch ( 6 mm).
  • Special mix version: Difference with the original 5 in 1 version's gradient sizes. The special mix version's sizes are specific sizes mix together. 
  • The original 5 in 1 version nail drill's sizes: Each 5 in 1 has 3 sizes file-teeth in 1. This 3 sizes are gradient change. For example, the XXF 5 in 1 efile, it has 3 sizes, gradient change, from bottom to top, XXF, 3XF, and 4XF.
  • 5 in 1 Pro Version's nail drill size: From bottom to top, XC, M, 3XF.



  • 5 in 1 Pro2 Version's size: From bottom to top, XXC, M, XXF.



  • 5 in 1 M Mix XXF Version: From bottom to top, M, XXF.



  • 5 in 1 XC Mix XXF Version: From bottom to top, XC, XXF.



  • R-Cut Function: Each e-file has rounded corner at top. The corner and the top of the drill are all covered with file-teeth. This area could help nail techs to make cuticle care, or to remove small area of nails.
  • 2 Way Function: The e file could rotate in 2 directions. But because of the crossed file-teeth design, we recommend right hand nail techs to use. 
  •  Titanium Coating. Extend e-file's life 2-3 times than none coating.
  • Made of Tungsten Steel, Shank: 3/32" (2.35 mm).